Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rescue 911

The Mission
Retrieving Gaz good ol buddy, 'The Gurkha'. Not the Pak Guard of course. Hehehe. His billionaire steel machete, the unique Kukri that he bought after being poisoned by Andrew his good ol neighbor.

5.Sham (Diomandback or should I say, Playgirl cover boy)
7.Zul (Last minute rider)

Alright the idea and mission was simple and clear enough, get back Gaz's Kukri. 7 of us head out into the Lubuk Tedung treacherous trail. As I have mentioned before this trail is badly damaged and could be very frustrating and for those who went there for the first time. Sham learned about it right away...

Ride strategy was almost the same as the last recce ride, keep a tight gap, slow pace and do not stop too long. Acting out as ride lead I was trying very hard to keep the slow pace. Still because of the trail condition it was a futile attempt. The gap became wider and wider, and slowly we are being separated.

It came to the 1.5KM downhill and I could no longer keep myself together when I decided to bomb it hard...Hehehe, bye fellas see ya all at the bottom. At my first burst at the crazy trail I saw Syam managed to keep up the pace with me, nice jobs man. His focus, skills, and endurance are superbly good. Only at the second burst then I lost sight of Syam.

Without taking much of our time we made to Lubuk Tedung, 2 remain behind. While 5 push onward, Cross the river and up we go. We stumbled with 3 motocross rider, local folks i think. I have a bit of a chit-chat with them. According to them, the trail we ventured through last week are very rarely used. Good sign for the Kukri. He also mentioned about the Janda Baik trail. There were a trail but it is to steep to climb, could be very difficult to climb up. Hmmm so there is a way out to Janda Baik...Hehehe.

I went on a full burst again, pedaling my way through while browsing on the trail for the sign of Gaz's Kukri. 15 minutes of riding and there it was. Lying silently on the dried leaves, waiting for us patiently. I could not helped myself to take a few shoot at it while waiting for the other rider to arrived.

Now that we got the Kukri, we must turned back to Lubuk Tedung, we were back to Lubuk Tedung in less then 15 I would say. We have our break here and filled up with what ever we had. I had two Nasi Lemak..One for the Gas tank, and another one was for the Nitro..kekeke.

Journey back was short for us, I went on at max BPM. Without much of a time we were already out. The trail out were fix by the local. We can now rode the trail without pushing our bike at all, not like last week.

Mission successful...

Pictures Link:
Rescue 911

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Recce+epic+night ride=4 wacko on 2 wheels.

I thought when I did the 100KM offroad that was already it, it was so crazy that it should not be attempted by those with light heart and cold feet. I also thought that doing Sg.Pusu - Kemensah was another crazy heck of an adventure. Tiring me and wearing down to my bone, Hell the distance is short but the trail condition are so wacko that it will keep you wondering when will this be over. I always believe that nothing would be more challenging than those two...

Hell I am sorry to inform myself that I was dead wrong...Super wrong, BLOODY HELL wrong!!! Here comes Kemensah to Janda Baik...Here comes the PAIN.

The plan was supposed to a recce ride, to find out about route, and the trail condition. Hence the idea we thought we should keep a small party only. Less than 5 riders should be nice, easy in and out.

Comes to the ride day, 4 riders with a very wide smile and bright expression on our face were up for the task. Our task is clear, find a rideable trail to Janda Baik from Lubuk Tedung.
The morning sky was blue and bright, the air was cool and refreshing as we started our journey. Everyone keep a slow pace for the tarmac, as if everyone is keeping their juice for whats to come.

Me and Gaz we have already been to Lubuk Tedung before, so we pretty much know what we are up against. Fauzi and Syam are probably new to this trail...A trail so badly damaged by motocross tire and heavily eroded by the rain. Still the strategy is same, maintain slow pace and do not rush out. Our journey to Lubuk Tedung turn out to be very fast I would say, We reach Lubuk Tedung around 10.00 am or maybe less. Gaz and Syam had a lot of time experimenting with their lense. Syam even manage to setup a quick class to photography, hehehe..Hope to see those pic guys.

No break at Lubuk Tedung, cross the river and off we go, Gaz mention to me that we are not following the trail log from the GPS, but it did not matter. There was a single trail that looks very tempting for us. We talk it out and decide to follow it and see where it might lead us. The trail basically bring us up river, till we reach one encampment site and it continue on the other side of the river.

Cross the river...Then from here the trail basically went up and up and up. The trail up was very clear and ride able. Going up and it continue going up, with no mercy at all. Slowly we are swaying away from the river and soon there we can no longer hear it. At this point we are still fresh and energetic, I can still feel my heart pumping smoothly following my cycling rhythm. There are a lot of human traces here, motocross tire mark is one of it. So we are very confident that it will lead to somewhere, hopefully that somewhere is Janda Baik. (Cross my finger)

Press on that is what we agreed on we took a quick breather from the long climb. The curiosity in our blood is still thick..Hehehe. As the day is still early and bright. It would be a waste if we go back now. ( Nape laaa aku degil xmo balik masa nie). Not a while later we stop again for another quick break, phewwww!! Long climb ehh?? To my surprises Celcom got full bar here..hehehe. (Maxis jgn bawak laaa wei masuk hutan, menyakitkan hati jerrr).

Not so long after our climbs we reach to a small river, there we decide to have our break. Nasi Lemak time, yeahaaaa!! Me and Fauzi were busy canibalizing our our nasi lemak while Gaz and Syam were busy harassing some poor dragonfly with their lenses. Finish with the break off we go.

We soon reach a place where a fallen bamboo have over taken the trail, at this point the motocross trail stop. Clearly they turn back. We hack and slash our way through, me with my RM28 steel made in Malaysia, Fauzi with custom made steel, and Gaz with a millionaire Carbon Steel Kukri made In US. After we made through that bamboo part, everything were pretty much ride able, but we have to climb up.

There were some marking on the trail made by a previous person who went in I guess. This is clearly a good sign for us, that is what I thought...Not long after that we arrived at a junction, we choose to go straight here. Not knowing where the other route might take us...I hate to say this, but the trail again seem to be taking us higher and higher. Which mean we need to climb more and moreeeeee.

It is nearly 3.00pm I guess when Gaz bike decide to do it's routine and it was the usual punctured trick. For the love of God what is wrong with your bike?? Maybe we can try and fit a Tank armor on your tire. Hahaha. At this time Gaz seem a bit tired already, he cannot seem to focus on what he is doing. The long climb has taken a toll on us I guess. Syam however still looks okay. Our food supply are already done by this time, and we are getting hungry. The funny things is we are thinking about Lontong!!LONTONG!!! I do not really get it. GPS marker shows that we are really near to a resort in Janda Baik, it is only 3KM more. Knowing that really put us in a reallyyyy food sensation mood.

Forward we march, climbing more and more. However we cannot find any route that can take us near the Resort. The trail that we follow seem to be taking us aside, pushing us far and far away from where we are trying to get to. We stumble upon 2 dried up river, and trail condition are not very smooth anymore. It is ride able but not so great.

We are getting restless now as we do cannot find anyway through, we are starting to loose daylight now. Out of option we tried to bash straight through the big hill, this however is biggest mistake we have done that day. We kill more than 1 hour and a half. Until the craziness and tiredness knock us back into our sense. It was 5.30PM by that time, we are dead rushing. Daylight is burning, and it,s burning fast....uhhhh there is a pretty damn big butterfly in my tummy, huhuhu.

TRAILBACK...that was the decision we had to resort to. There is no other better option that we can take. There were a faint line on my Maxis, there messages from Gaz neighbor. Turn out to be that everyone are so worried now that they cannot get through to us. Now we are kind of in a tight spot, most of us are depleting out, daylight will be over in an hour or less, and no food to fuel us for the journey back.

Since we did much of a climb before, now it is all the downhill time. There not much for us to do but to enjoy the long downhill in a nick of time. Rushing our way down as the forest slowly being swallow by the darkness. Judging from the speed I was thinking that we could reach the river before the night swallowed us completely. I guess it was only faint hope, huhuhu. God must be testing our patience, as one by one problem occurs. Gaz had his front wheel punctured, followed by Fauzi, and just when we thought it was over Gaz rd snap...However that are not the end of it, my bike also had the same fate with it's tire. Since the repair has slow us down repeatedly, the jungle wins...We were completely engulf by the darkness.

The night ride begin...I found myself laughing again at our fate. Our recce ride turn out to be an epic ride, and our epic now has transform itself into a night ride. What the hell mannn!!?? Luckily for us Fauzi had his biking light with him, and Syam's phone were equiped with a torch light. While me and Gaz?? Hahaha. So now Fauzi had to take the lead, and Syam at the back. We were keeping a tight formation, everyone is only one tire gap away. The formation plus the darkness has cause us to move double slow now. Still we are keeping up the positve mind and clearing our mind of doubt, me I am keeping myself well spirited by telling everyone that we are soooooo getting a BIG BIG MAC burger after this craziness. Hahaha.

We reach the riverbank around 7.40PM, I really hope that there would be someone camping out at Lubuk Tedung. As we were slowly pushing our bike through Lubuk Tedung, we heard a loud bang! I thought it was someone hunting a boar or something, then as we approach Lubuk Tedung we can see a glint of candles. Huhuhu, Alhamdulilah...There are people camping out tonight.

I say hello to the campers and introduce ourself and explain a little bit of our condition, and after our little chat with the campers. They were nice enough to share with us some food their had, some bread and biscuit. It was damn delicios if you ask me. A big Yay!!! to the Tiger biscuit and a big Wow!!! for the Gardenia roti jagung. 8.10Pm we had push onward, we still had minimum of 2 hours journey back.

The last 2 hours were totally slow for us, especially the climbing. The trail condition and the darkness are one hell of a combos. Fauzi and Gaz look like they are about to reach their limits, they keep yawning every now and then. Syam on the other hand still looks fine (dia ada jumpa tongkat ali ke dalam hutan tadi??). I had to lower my seat down for this time. I have never done that ever in any ride I have taken, but that night is one big exception for me. I can no longer use the normal setting.

Finally by 10.15 PM we all managed to get out safe and sound, Alhamdullilah... Gaz had asked his neighbor to come and picked us up at Jinbara. They were waiting for us for about 1 hour there, thanks guys. Very sorry to trouble all of you. Now that everyone is out we were laughing at our story with everyone. Even though it was dark, I am pretty sure everyone are smiling out with satisfaction on their face.

Everyone climbs into Gaz 4wd and we all were chating about our long ride we just had...The funny things is. All of them are already talking about doing it again, hahaha. I think if everyone else hear our conversation they surely send us to a hospital to have our head scan. Zaidi invites us to his house for a dinner, so all us went for it and then went home after it. Gaz send us all back to our home. Except for Fauzi who had to drove back to his house (sian ko Zi...)

I reach home around 12.30 AM...I could not help to think that so far this is the craziest thing I have ever done. This will be a new benchmark from now on, a benchmark to a whole level of madness that is. I am not worried though, cause I know this madness has already spread onto my buddies. Hehehe.

I would like to thanks all for helping us, and also thank you and congratulation to my fellow rider. We are now on the same level...

Pictures link:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

GG dan Empangan Batu, Uu Yam.

The morning was sweet, weather was clear and no sign of rain at all. Deep down inside of us, we all know that we are going to have our hunger for cycling fill today. Hehehe.

12 rider pop out this morning, the regulars and the new faces.
9.Syam (Cameraman)
11. Azlan
12. please someone tell me his name.

It was 8.40 am when we started to cycled our way into the trail, Slowly climbing the big hill up to the dam. Nothing much to do here except for the beautiful scenery of the dam. Trail was smooth here. We had to crossed a few river before entering the sweet climbs section.

We made a few stop along the trail simply to wait for others as well of getting acquainted with one and another. Up to this point Fauzi manage to falls quite a few times already, hehehe. Having problems adjusting with his new cleat. Too bad I do not have any shoot of it.

After riding for 1 hour and a half I think, we arrived at the single trail climbing section. Man I was enjoying it like kid with lolipop, Sweeetttt. I know Fauzi enjoyed it as well. Heck I think everyone are, either they push or ride it out. However there are a few section that were not rideable, some because of the fallen debris and some are from the trail errosion.

Then after that long climb we were rewarded with a decent downhill, wohoooo time. The downhill ended at a river where we dicided to have our little picnic there. Armed with a few bars of cereal bar, nasi lemak and even roti canai (kuah dal n curry available). We were there for a while discusing about GG and the jersey as well.
Allahamdullilah.....Hehehe off we go to our journey home, from the third river it would not be so far away anymore just a few uphill and big downhill and it will be all over. There were a lot of fallen bamboo on the trail that day. I had to made a few stop to clear the trail.
The last one here is one small tricky section. Then it was all a normal pedal to our cars. Gaz again have managed to punctured his bike.

Pictures link:
Ulu Yam pictures

Maybe a few, I had one as well. Thanks to the bamboo that it is. Hehehe.
Fauzi had even lost count of how many times he had fall today.
Syed had his moment.
But nothing serious and we thank Allah for this nice and safe ride we had have.

TIPS of the day:
When a rider come from behind during a climbs and if u are pushing your bike, please give way to them. It is hard enough to maintain our balance climbing up. Same when going downhill.

Maaf lerr kalau time ride 2 ada masa saya dok gasak and belasah trail tu mcm kemaruk benar. Sesaper yg baru tgk sy ride ler epsecially. Memang dah gitu kalu sy ride, a race with myself. Just pushing the bicycle to its max. Bukan saje2 or cari penyakit.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Car sticker for all GENGGEREK

GG logo as a car sticker, wicked cool.


Perhatian kepada semua ahli genggerek, pada hari Ahad ini kita akan mengadakan kayuhan di Empangan Batu Ulu Yam.
Pada ahli-ahli yang hadir, kita akan membincangkan tentang beberapa perkara.

1. Penghasilan Jersey GG.

2. Cadangan t-shirt.

3. PD ride yg akan digabungkan dengan GLC guys.

4. Epic ride project.

5.Isu-isu berbangkit.

Fazrol will be passing out, GG car sticker that day. Be sure to paste it up on your windshield mates...
Futher info just mail me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


To all members of "GENGGEREK". Peace be on you..

Genggerek will be riding again this weekend details as below:-

PLACE : Batu Dam

DATE : Sunday 19th Oct 2008

RV : Front gate entrance to Batu Dam (if not sure please contact me)

Time : 0800hrs

Rolling : 0815hrs

Distance : Est. 10-15km only ( not like sg.pusu ok)

Suggested by : Nazli ( sweeper or header?striker kot)

You are all welcome to invite other riders to join the ride especially ladies(Lets see who will be the first one to bring a lady into the group) hehehe...

Make sure to put everything especially wallet,phones etc in a plastic bag because is going to be a muddy and wet ride.

Oh yes don't forget to bring along a boat.hehehe.

Amacam guys "ON KE?"

Thank you

Best Regards

Okeh no objection from me as AJK makanan... wa jalaannnn

Monday, October 13, 2008

Amukan lemang with GENGGEREK

Trail: Kemensah Short HASH
Time:8.00 am
Date: 12 oct 2008

Selamat hari raya pada semua maafa zahir dan batin....

Okey jom raya...

GG are back, this time we decide to do a small and easy ride. First on the menu lemang kemensah.

11 rider participate that day, 1 turn back. Leaving another 10. Those 10 keep pushing their limit hoping to burn all the lemang, ketupat, satay, and other disheh we had on Hari Raya.

Ride was slow and steady, feels like a warming up ride if u ask me. 2 casualties reported that day but it is not serious.

Gabry had problem with his tire again however this is the last time that will happen I guess..As he is back on tube.

Well I will post out some of the pictures in Picasa soon so be sure to check out my blog again will ya?

Pictures links.

Next week, BATU DAM ulu yam...

call our rider for more info.

Check out our JERSEY...

Hie guys, its been a while since my last post.
Now straight to business. This is the jersey design. Many thanks to Fazrol for his wonderful works.

Now price should range from RM60 - RM70, but certainly it would not exceed RM80.

We are planing to do both. 1 long sleeve and the other one short sleeve.

I will need to confirm a few things with genggerek first before start collecting the money for process. ..

Jersey design have been finalize. Please leave me a comment on size and how many pair u want.

keep in touch all..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Loves your saddle...Loves your penis.

One of usual jokes we all bust open are about our missing balls??? Damn we been riding for so long that our butt become numb, so numb that we slowly losing our balls. Kekeke..

As funny as it was, but do you know that men are at risk of getting the most severe injury of all? I am not talking about broken bones, ribs or torn ligament but something more serious. I am talking about Erectile Dysfunction.

Does cycling cause impotence or sexual dysfunction?
I am sorry my friend but yes we are at risk...gulp!!

How can this happen?
Well in the most easy way to explain it, our blood vessels under the groin is being pressured for to long that it interrupt the blood circulation to our penis. This damaged the blood vessel and of course this blood vessel are the one responsible for our manhood erection...damnnn..

Terdapat beberapa faktor yang boleh menyumbang kearah masalah ini, antaranya adalah. Berat badan, reka bentuk saddle dan kadar kekerapan kayuhan. Ada kajian yang menyatakan bahawa kebanyakan racer mengalihkan berat badan mereka kepada kaki dan pedal lebih dari pada saddle mereka. Cara ini mengurangkan tekanan pada urat anu..

Tanda-tanda dan symptoms;
Luckily yes...So u all better pay a great deal of attention here. I Will explain in bahasa now..
Disebabkan perjalanan darah pada pembuluh darah kurang lancar dan tersekat ianya akan mengakibatkan rasa sakit, kebas dan kadang-kala rasa geli pada bahagian ehem-ehem dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Ini adalah merupakan tanda-tanda awal sebelum berlakunya ED atau KO. However kalau anda tidak menghadapi masalah ini, maka xyah lah korang risau..Korang bedal laa beskal tue sama cam korang bedal bini korang..eheks.

Cara-cara mengelakkan ED.
  • Sekiranya melakukan kayuhan jarak jauh buat beberapa stop or anda boleh buat streching atas beskal anda. Cuba adjust kedudukan anda, agak-agak sampai rasa kebas tu hilang.
  • Semasa ride plaks, korang rajin-rajinlah ubah kedudukan punggung korang. Kejap depan or belakang. Kira cam main2 laa sket atas saddle korang tue.
  • Kalau korang rasa perlu, adjust lah ketinggian seatpost anda bagi mengurangkan tekanan pada urat penting tueee..
  • Hmm fakta yang mengejutkan, tapi cuba elakkan penggunaan sadle yg paddingnya terlaluu tebal. Kerana ini akan mengakibatkan punggung anda makin tengelam dan sekaligus makin menekan pada urat tersebut.
  • Semasa memasang saddle, pastikan ianya tidak menjongket keatas. Lebih sesuai ianya sama paras atau condong bawah sket.Sket jerr tauu.
  • Tinggikan sedikit handle bar agar kedudukan badan menegap. Ini akan mengurangkan tekanan pada bahagian saddle.
  • Gunakan cycling short yg sesuai dan mempunyai padding yang baik.
  • Fitting basikal mestilah sesuai, elakkan penggunaan saiz yang salah.
Hmm, menakutkannnn...Apa pun hari nie dah banyak jenis teknologi di perkenalkan. Tidak kurang juga dalam sukan berbasikal. Perubahan pada saddle telah banyak dilakukan, berbanding dengan saddle tradisional, saddle hari ini adalah jauh lebih baik.

Oleh itu korang-korang semua jangan laa kedekut sangat nak beli saddle yang mahal sket...Masa depan korang bergantung pada saddle tue woiii...

Semua maklumat nie adalah dari:

Monday, September 22, 2008



After sharing a bunch of ride together and planning more insane ride in the future. It is only normal that we decide to create a name for our group.

After our nite ride last two weeks and 2 glasses of teh traik n meggi goreng..The name Genggerek pop out. Inspired by Fazrol if I am not mistaken. Seem that the names rhymes very well so we decide to have a go with it...Hehehe

Genggerek are now on the trails.

Curentlly we are desigining a jersey and a logo to go with the name. Luckily for us Fazrol is up for the task.

Later on this week, we have another night the ride was nice n sweet..Though my speedometer only clock 20km or so. 2 Casuallities, The first one is by Fauzi who decide to be an organic farmer by planting his head in the palm tree. The second one in contribute by non other but myself..Hehehe, I was taking the corner a bit to fast...My front tire gives up on me causing me to slides on the trail...Huhuhu.

Enough talks about our ride... The Logo have been design, we all decide that it will be a the one with a rider on a bike. The jersey design however are on the way.

Genggerek rider list:
1.Mr.Beskal (AJK MAKANAN)
3.Redza (SWEEPER rasmi)
4.Fauzi (Belum ada jawatan)
5.Fazrol (Designer)

Contact me at:
Till the next update...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The night ride...A journey into the darkness.

Just wondering, are there anyone out there who are interested in doing kemensah nite ride. Well nothing serious of course, taking down a simple trail or route. One that does not go in to deep and not to technical to ride in the dark..

Of course we have to start a bit late, maybe around 10.00 to 10.30 pm. After us muslims are done with our stuff that is.

As usual when doing a nite ride, we gonna need a good lighting systems. One your head are far better than one on your handle. Blinkers are a must, to let people know that there are someone in front.

Anyways, we might be doing this on this weekend...Lets us know if anyone wants in or if u have any comments or suggestion.

Oh yeah, of course a few of local kemensah rider will be with us.

Here's the deal.

What to brings:
1. Lighting system.
2. Your phone.
3. Extra batteries
4. Tubes and tools.
5. Med kit.
6. Drinking water.

I have only taken one night ride before this, but heck it was an amazing experience for me. So hence I am planning a couple of ride within futures time so that my friends can enjoys the ride as well.

Now from my previous experience I have learn that lighting system are very important, specially the one on your head. The one on your handle are fix and can only light up the trail in front of u, but the one on your head? It will light up where ever you point your sight. Very useful. Always brings your phone for emergency cases, but hopefully we do not have that kind of mess to be sort in that darkness. Med kit, tubes and tools are the usual craps that u need to brings along. Actually those are the things that u need to carry every time u went out for a ride. Better safe then sorry mate.

Trails n mother earth...
Best that u choose a trail that u are familiar with, and it better be a rideable one. I do not thinks that anyone want to be pushing their bike in the dark.Huhuhu. For me, I would prefer something short n easy. Easy in n easy out. Avoid technical trail, unless u know what u are getting yourself into. Learn a things or two about your trail before choosing it.

One thing that i notice, it is a bit cold at nite. Especially in the forest. So if u are not a Super grade A mammal, It is best to wear long sleeves. Unless u do not mind it anything should be great.

Huhuhu... It is best that we choose a time suitable for everyone and creatures as well..ahaks. Do your stuff first if u are a muslims matey. Do not ride very late at nite, due to safety reason. Not to mention it is easier to get help when everyone are not hitting the sacks yet.

Well that is it for now...will write some reports soon...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Pleasure and pain...

How was the ride ehh??
It was amazing..

After planning it for a week, discussing about it over here and racuning our fellow rider. The day for the ride finally arrive.

The gathering point was change to UIA main entrance, due to logistic cause. 14 riders show up that morning.

Addict list:
3.Dino (our waypoint guy,thanks bro...without u we are lost)
7.Zaidi (mr.timbang)
10.Meng (the sexiest rider for the day)
12.Faris(I hope i got it right)
13.Hj.Mat Nor (veteran)
14.Uhh..forgot!! what was that NRS rider name...(someone please tell me)

We started rolling at 8.30PM, all 14 riders with a wide happy smiled on everyones faces. They are probably clueless about what kind of hell they a getting into. or it could be that everyone was still fresh.
We had a few decent long climbs, then we were rewarded with superb downhill...I that was the most enjoyable moments of the ride. . Sweet!!

We reach kem ketanga the first river and had our small break there. Starting from there, the level change..From child play to suicidal maniac. Dino warned me earlier that it would get tougher after ketanga.(I kept it in the dark, away from the other riders)

After Ketanga,we reached Kem Ulu Sleh..We reach there at 12.30PM...No major issues occurred yet. Everyone was only paying attention to the leeches, trying to get rid of those ugly suckers. While Dino n Gaz were buzy discussing the next way point.(Good job guys).

From Ulu Sleh, we need to reach Old Dam...So this is where the real pain of the day begin. . There is no route or trail that we can follow, so we had no choice but to make one. But it is not working out great for us, I mean we are not 10 tons bulldozer beating the craps out of the bushes n trees. But that is not all, when reaches the river, we need to find the Old Dam. Same problem as before, no noticeable route. We had to Zig Zag our route to the way points.Crossing the river.Damn I do not know how many river crossing we had done that day. Led by Gaz and me, I am pretty sure the guys at the back were hating us that time.Sorry fellas, but no route.What to do??

We reach the old Dam with a tremendous relief in our hearts..According to Dino there should be a trail from there. After taking a quick break and off we go. However the journey had to come to a stop again. Zaidi's bike was punctured, so we had to do a quick fixing to that but just when we thought we were done. Gaz's bike had the same fate...(Zaidi said to Gaz..padan muka ko) .

After the minor issue were fixed, and we are off. K.Sleh are no longer far away, we are hoping to have a short break there. Shaque already plans to practice his swimmings skill. Unfortunately for Shaque...kem Sleh was crowded that day. A groups of campers were already there.

Next way point Junction...We had to pedal with all our might, I am depleting already. Reach the big tree junction and the rain starts pouring. Making the trail harder to ride.

We are out from the trail at 5.30pm..
Casualties..1..Hj.Mat Nor lost it all n cannot ride anymore.
Lost..Cateye meter. belong to shaque.
Lost..Syed...front quick release bolt.

A very big thanks for all the rider that joined us yesterday..especially Dino for leading us, Shaque for 'tuba' more rider and others for making the ride fun n joyous. It was a great ride guys. Thank u all.

The ride was great and torturous at the same time.I can still feels the fatigue the next day i woke up. Went to see Gaz n Zaidi last nite, and those crazy dudes are already talking about doing Sg.congkak - Kemensah ...Maybe the long strained ride has taken a big tolls on their mind and affecting their decision. But what the hell...Who want in?

Call me out..hehehe