Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scout Trail Kota Damansara

Time 9.00 am
Day Sunday

Rider: Me, Gaz, Redza, and Fino.

Another short distance trail, less than 3KM only. To be exact the trail is only 2.1KM, well that is what my Cyclometer clock though. I have no idea where does the trail got it names from, but one thing for sure. Pat, Joe and the KLMBH members sure did good job with it.

For me the trail does not have any resemblance with Kiara 2K, the trail here is much more difficult for me to handle. Single trail is the only menu here, no wide opening and no fork or split in the trail. The single trail is very narrow and there are a lots of small trees at the side. One can easily knock the trees and been thrown of the bike. ( You all can ask Gaz for references).

Roots are almost spread open everywhere in the trail path, big or small. I really wonder how slippery will it get when it rain? Roots and plus the bumpy trail will surely make you feel sitting on the saddle is not an options.

Climbing parts are not that bad, some climbs are technical and tricky but can be manage if you approach it correctly and with the correct speed. Mostly the climbs are at acceptable level, so do worry much about it. Nothing a granny gear cannot handle...kekeke.

Overall this is not an easy trail for me, never thought a short trail could bring this much of trouble. Riding on a fullsus helps but it does not mean one can go very fast on it. Try out the trail for yourself and you will know.

Good luck.

Maps on how to get there.