Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rescue 911

The Mission
Retrieving Gaz good ol buddy, 'The Gurkha'. Not the Pak Guard of course. Hehehe. His billionaire steel machete, the unique Kukri that he bought after being poisoned by Andrew his good ol neighbor.

5.Sham (Diomandback or should I say, Playgirl cover boy)
7.Zul (Last minute rider)

Alright the idea and mission was simple and clear enough, get back Gaz's Kukri. 7 of us head out into the Lubuk Tedung treacherous trail. As I have mentioned before this trail is badly damaged and could be very frustrating and for those who went there for the first time. Sham learned about it right away...

Ride strategy was almost the same as the last recce ride, keep a tight gap, slow pace and do not stop too long. Acting out as ride lead I was trying very hard to keep the slow pace. Still because of the trail condition it was a futile attempt. The gap became wider and wider, and slowly we are being separated.

It came to the 1.5KM downhill and I could no longer keep myself together when I decided to bomb it hard...Hehehe, bye fellas see ya all at the bottom. At my first burst at the crazy trail I saw Syam managed to keep up the pace with me, nice jobs man. His focus, skills, and endurance are superbly good. Only at the second burst then I lost sight of Syam.

Without taking much of our time we made to Lubuk Tedung, 2 remain behind. While 5 push onward, Cross the river and up we go. We stumbled with 3 motocross rider, local folks i think. I have a bit of a chit-chat with them. According to them, the trail we ventured through last week are very rarely used. Good sign for the Kukri. He also mentioned about the Janda Baik trail. There were a trail but it is to steep to climb, could be very difficult to climb up. Hmmm so there is a way out to Janda Baik...Hehehe.

I went on a full burst again, pedaling my way through while browsing on the trail for the sign of Gaz's Kukri. 15 minutes of riding and there it was. Lying silently on the dried leaves, waiting for us patiently. I could not helped myself to take a few shoot at it while waiting for the other rider to arrived.

Now that we got the Kukri, we must turned back to Lubuk Tedung, we were back to Lubuk Tedung in less then 15 I would say. We have our break here and filled up with what ever we had. I had two Nasi Lemak..One for the Gas tank, and another one was for the Nitro..kekeke.

Journey back was short for us, I went on at max BPM. Without much of a time we were already out. The trail out were fix by the local. We can now rode the trail without pushing our bike at all, not like last week.

Mission successful...

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Rescue 911