Thursday, October 16, 2008

Car sticker for all GENGGEREK

GG logo as a car sticker, wicked cool.


Perhatian kepada semua ahli genggerek, pada hari Ahad ini kita akan mengadakan kayuhan di Empangan Batu Ulu Yam.
Pada ahli-ahli yang hadir, kita akan membincangkan tentang beberapa perkara.

1. Penghasilan Jersey GG.

2. Cadangan t-shirt.

3. PD ride yg akan digabungkan dengan GLC guys.

4. Epic ride project.

5.Isu-isu berbangkit.

Fazrol will be passing out, GG car sticker that day. Be sure to paste it up on your windshield mates...
Futher info just mail me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


To all members of "GENGGEREK". Peace be on you..

Genggerek will be riding again this weekend details as below:-

PLACE : Batu Dam

DATE : Sunday 19th Oct 2008

RV : Front gate entrance to Batu Dam (if not sure please contact me)

Time : 0800hrs

Rolling : 0815hrs

Distance : Est. 10-15km only ( not like sg.pusu ok)

Suggested by : Nazli ( sweeper or header?striker kot)

You are all welcome to invite other riders to join the ride especially ladies(Lets see who will be the first one to bring a lady into the group) hehehe...

Make sure to put everything especially wallet,phones etc in a plastic bag because is going to be a muddy and wet ride.

Oh yes don't forget to bring along a boat.hehehe.

Amacam guys "ON KE?"

Thank you

Best Regards

Okeh no objection from me as AJK makanan... wa jalaannnn

Monday, October 13, 2008

Amukan lemang with GENGGEREK

Trail: Kemensah Short HASH
Time:8.00 am
Date: 12 oct 2008

Selamat hari raya pada semua maafa zahir dan batin....

Okey jom raya...

GG are back, this time we decide to do a small and easy ride. First on the menu lemang kemensah.

11 rider participate that day, 1 turn back. Leaving another 10. Those 10 keep pushing their limit hoping to burn all the lemang, ketupat, satay, and other disheh we had on Hari Raya.

Ride was slow and steady, feels like a warming up ride if u ask me. 2 casualties reported that day but it is not serious.

Gabry had problem with his tire again however this is the last time that will happen I guess..As he is back on tube.

Well I will post out some of the pictures in Picasa soon so be sure to check out my blog again will ya?

Pictures links.

Next week, BATU DAM ulu yam...

call our rider for more info.

Check out our JERSEY...

Hie guys, its been a while since my last post.
Now straight to business. This is the jersey design. Many thanks to Fazrol for his wonderful works.

Now price should range from RM60 - RM70, but certainly it would not exceed RM80.

We are planing to do both. 1 long sleeve and the other one short sleeve.

I will need to confirm a few things with genggerek first before start collecting the money for process. ..

Jersey design have been finalize. Please leave me a comment on size and how many pair u want.

keep in touch all..