Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The night ride...A journey into the darkness.

Just wondering, are there anyone out there who are interested in doing kemensah nite ride. Well nothing serious of course, taking down a simple trail or route. One that does not go in to deep and not to technical to ride in the dark..

Of course we have to start a bit late, maybe around 10.00 to 10.30 pm. After us muslims are done with our stuff that is.

As usual when doing a nite ride, we gonna need a good lighting systems. One your head are far better than one on your handle. Blinkers are a must, to let people know that there are someone in front.

Anyways, we might be doing this on this weekend...Lets us know if anyone wants in or if u have any comments or suggestion.

Oh yeah, of course a few of local kemensah rider will be with us.

Here's the deal.

What to brings:
1. Lighting system.
2. Your phone.
3. Extra batteries
4. Tubes and tools.
5. Med kit.
6. Drinking water.

I have only taken one night ride before this, but heck it was an amazing experience for me. So hence I am planning a couple of ride within futures time so that my friends can enjoys the ride as well.

Now from my previous experience I have learn that lighting system are very important, specially the one on your head. The one on your handle are fix and can only light up the trail in front of u, but the one on your head? It will light up where ever you point your sight. Very useful. Always brings your phone for emergency cases, but hopefully we do not have that kind of mess to be sort in that darkness. Med kit, tubes and tools are the usual craps that u need to brings along. Actually those are the things that u need to carry every time u went out for a ride. Better safe then sorry mate.

Trails n mother earth...
Best that u choose a trail that u are familiar with, and it better be a rideable one. I do not thinks that anyone want to be pushing their bike in the dark.Huhuhu. For me, I would prefer something short n easy. Easy in n easy out. Avoid technical trail, unless u know what u are getting yourself into. Learn a things or two about your trail before choosing it.

One thing that i notice, it is a bit cold at nite. Especially in the forest. So if u are not a Super grade A mammal, It is best to wear long sleeves. Unless u do not mind it anything should be great.

Huhuhu... It is best that we choose a time suitable for everyone and creatures as well..ahaks. Do your stuff first if u are a muslims matey. Do not ride very late at nite, due to safety reason. Not to mention it is easier to get help when everyone are not hitting the sacks yet.

Well that is it for now...will write some reports soon...