Sunday, October 19, 2008

GG dan Empangan Batu, Uu Yam.

The morning was sweet, weather was clear and no sign of rain at all. Deep down inside of us, we all know that we are going to have our hunger for cycling fill today. Hehehe.

12 rider pop out this morning, the regulars and the new faces.
9.Syam (Cameraman)
11. Azlan
12. please someone tell me his name.

It was 8.40 am when we started to cycled our way into the trail, Slowly climbing the big hill up to the dam. Nothing much to do here except for the beautiful scenery of the dam. Trail was smooth here. We had to crossed a few river before entering the sweet climbs section.

We made a few stop along the trail simply to wait for others as well of getting acquainted with one and another. Up to this point Fauzi manage to falls quite a few times already, hehehe. Having problems adjusting with his new cleat. Too bad I do not have any shoot of it.

After riding for 1 hour and a half I think, we arrived at the single trail climbing section. Man I was enjoying it like kid with lolipop, Sweeetttt. I know Fauzi enjoyed it as well. Heck I think everyone are, either they push or ride it out. However there are a few section that were not rideable, some because of the fallen debris and some are from the trail errosion.

Then after that long climb we were rewarded with a decent downhill, wohoooo time. The downhill ended at a river where we dicided to have our little picnic there. Armed with a few bars of cereal bar, nasi lemak and even roti canai (kuah dal n curry available). We were there for a while discusing about GG and the jersey as well.
Allahamdullilah.....Hehehe off we go to our journey home, from the third river it would not be so far away anymore just a few uphill and big downhill and it will be all over. There were a lot of fallen bamboo on the trail that day. I had to made a few stop to clear the trail.
The last one here is one small tricky section. Then it was all a normal pedal to our cars. Gaz again have managed to punctured his bike.

Pictures link:
Ulu Yam pictures

Maybe a few, I had one as well. Thanks to the bamboo that it is. Hehehe.
Fauzi had even lost count of how many times he had fall today.
Syed had his moment.
But nothing serious and we thank Allah for this nice and safe ride we had have.

TIPS of the day:
When a rider come from behind during a climbs and if u are pushing your bike, please give way to them. It is hard enough to maintain our balance climbing up. Same when going downhill.

Maaf lerr kalau time ride 2 ada masa saya dok gasak and belasah trail tu mcm kemaruk benar. Sesaper yg baru tgk sy ride ler epsecially. Memang dah gitu kalu sy ride, a race with myself. Just pushing the bicycle to its max. Bukan saje2 or cari penyakit.