Friday, May 8, 2009

Breath of Pyre

Friday, 8th of May 2009.

Finally got the bloody FD for my Pyre. XT top clamp for the price of RM115. I ask them to reserve the SLX but XT is also fine with me.

Now the cabling process can begin, sadly I do not have all the necessary tool so I had to resort to local bike shop. Took us around 1 hour to put the cable and set it up.

Shortly after that, the breath of Pyre is done...
Took the bike for a spin...Handle very well, can feel the solidness...The first impression is there already. Have to wait for the real test soon. Very soon.

Avid Elixir CR...Ensuring performance and breaking power.

Fox Rp23 with propedal function, smoothen the trail.

V4FB About to be tested.

V4FB hope you are as good as THEY claimed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Machine...

4th May 2009 - Monday 9.30PM.

The first time I saw the it, I can already felt the hot fury burning out my heart. Slowly melting away all the doubt, obstacle, and clearing out the path. The path to a new enlightenment and adventures. The Path of Banshee PYRE.

V4FB was the main poison and the mercury glint were the final blow.

Took the frame home and start assembling rite away. Just could not wait to see how hot this machine will look like. Took off all the part from Santacruz Superlight in less than 20 minutes. Than have to stop working as I do not have a headset press tool. Patience... I do not want to force my headset with a hammer. I can still wait.

Got my headset pressed in the next morning. FSA orbit, should do the trick. Rushed home, and begin assembling. Pyre was already standing up in 30 minutes. Encounter some problem as refered by Kelolo. The old FD just wont do it, need to change to Top Clamp FD. So damn hard to find. Make a call to a few shop. Ending with KSH who still have 1 SLX FD, ask them to reserve the bloody thing. Hope it will still be there tomorrow.