Thursday, December 17, 2009

Terengganu the new saga...

18th December 2009
8.00 am
Bukit Kor ( Kuala Terengganu)

It has been a while since my last update, not that I do not want to write something but I just could not find the mood of a writer, I can still remember me sitting infront of my PC and try to write, still after half an hour there are still nothing on my blog. Somehow today I am feeling lucky and lite, must have been the left over adrenalin still stuck in some part of my brain.

Today was my first rides with the riders from Terengganu, I was greeted by a blessing rain from above for about 4-5 minutes of my rides. Reach the meeting point and there were already 2 riders there, Bob and Zam. Not long after we were joined by many more...The only thing that concern me, I am the only Full Suspension rider!!! wtf??

Start off pedaling not so long after, we ride the tarmac for about 4-5KM, heck it was tiring for me, plus the hill. Arghhhh!! I am so on the wrong bike. Reach the trail part, ground was covered with gravel and also some dirt still mostly gravel. In my opinion, it was a loose trail. It kind of make it a bit hard to pedal on the climbing part. Technical not that much, maybe a 1/5. Downhill only a few, uphill nothing as crazy as Helipad (FRIM) or Kemensah. Overall acceptable place to ride. Still to ride it every week with no other places to go?? This will be a very longgggggg year for me.

No wonder all the rider I met today were on Hardtail, judging from the trail they would not be needing the extra shock nor the extra travel. This time it will be a bit hard to compete... Well maybe after a few extra rides I will be okay.

Next time I will bring a camera and take a few shot at the trail. Still it was a great ride for today. The one that make me look sluggish and slow.