Thursday, December 17, 2009

Terengganu the new saga...

18th December 2009
8.00 am
Bukit Kor ( Kuala Terengganu)

It has been a while since my last update, not that I do not want to write something but I just could not find the mood of a writer, I can still remember me sitting infront of my PC and try to write, still after half an hour there are still nothing on my blog. Somehow today I am feeling lucky and lite, must have been the left over adrenalin still stuck in some part of my brain.

Today was my first rides with the riders from Terengganu, I was greeted by a blessing rain from above for about 4-5 minutes of my rides. Reach the meeting point and there were already 2 riders there, Bob and Zam. Not long after we were joined by many more...The only thing that concern me, I am the only Full Suspension rider!!! wtf??

Start off pedaling not so long after, we ride the tarmac for about 4-5KM, heck it was tiring for me, plus the hill. Arghhhh!! I am so on the wrong bike. Reach the trail part, ground was covered with gravel and also some dirt still mostly gravel. In my opinion, it was a loose trail. It kind of make it a bit hard to pedal on the climbing part. Technical not that much, maybe a 1/5. Downhill only a few, uphill nothing as crazy as Helipad (FRIM) or Kemensah. Overall acceptable place to ride. Still to ride it every week with no other places to go?? This will be a very longgggggg year for me.

No wonder all the rider I met today were on Hardtail, judging from the trail they would not be needing the extra shock nor the extra travel. This time it will be a bit hard to compete... Well maybe after a few extra rides I will be okay.

Next time I will bring a camera and take a few shot at the trail. Still it was a great ride for today. The one that make me look sluggish and slow.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kemensah Solo ride

Huhhh..Another Sunday has arive at my door step, I did not make any plan this week. My car was still at the workshop, so I cannot really go anywhere far.

Some of the GG's riders are going somewhere else, there are looking for an advantures in a far away land. I guess they did found it, probably in
Neverland or Wonderland.

Time to hit the trail solo this time, its been a while... Still I am optimist that I would not be cycling all alone, I might stumble into other riders inside the trail.

I have decided to take the short Hash Trail, I am by myself so it would not be wise to venture too far into the jungle. 15 minutes of riding and I already stumbled into a group of rider. Did not stopped to chat, just waved and go. Meet another 2 riders on the way up the hill. The were much chatier, so had a few words with them.

I notice my climbs are a bit rough, having a hard time to maintain straight line and i keep weavering. Have to do something about it fast, may have to adjust the handling aspect a bit more.

Almost lost control too, hahaha probably my mistakes though. Since my neck injury it still feel a bit stiff a certain angle. Well hopefully everything will be well before PCC. If times permit would like to finish earlier than the last time I enter it. Finger cr0ss.

Have to change the front fork...Revelation 110-140mm, that should do the trick.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Riding is simple

How to start?

Well it is a very simple things to do, a helmet, a bicycle and some decent shoes are all that you

need for cycling. If you got all that, than you my friend are set to try on cycling, either mountain biking or road ride. Very simple right? Do not worry about what kind of discipline you want to be, think about that later on when you have tried cycling first.

No one to join?

Hell that is not a problem, you can start cycling by yourself first. Start of by cycling around your neighborhood gaining more distance day by day. I am pretty sure you will stumble into another rider very soon. Either on the road or it could be at your local bicycle shop. Cycling alone is fun but cycling with a member are meaningful and joyful.

Is it safe?

Hmmm, every single sport has its own risks and danger. Cycling does not differ from it either. However we can avoid all the danger and the injury by implementing safety in our ride. Always wears helmet and shoes when riding. It help minimize risk of injury. Gloves does help as well so wearing one is a good idea. Plan your route and a avoid using heavy traffic route, always be aware of traffic and never ever use your Ipod when riding in a busy place. One more thing never made sudden change of directions. You may never know a car is coming from behind.

How much will it cost?

The cost can be minimize, just buy what you need and not the super awesome one.Unless you really know what you are getting yourself into. Basically a normal bike for exercise can cost less than RM700. That should be decent enough for exercises purpose. Remember that this kind of investment will effect your health and your lifestyle.

So there it was, why wait to start exercising. Why wait to start cycling? Times

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scout Trail Kota Damansara

Time 9.00 am
Day Sunday

Rider: Me, Gaz, Redza, and Fino.

Another short distance trail, less than 3KM only. To be exact the trail is only 2.1KM, well that is what my Cyclometer clock though. I have no idea where does the trail got it names from, but one thing for sure. Pat, Joe and the KLMBH members sure did good job with it.

For me the trail does not have any resemblance with Kiara 2K, the trail here is much more difficult for me to handle. Single trail is the only menu here, no wide opening and no fork or split in the trail. The single trail is very narrow and there are a lots of small trees at the side. One can easily knock the trees and been thrown of the bike. ( You all can ask Gaz for references).

Roots are almost spread open everywhere in the trail path, big or small. I really wonder how slippery will it get when it rain? Roots and plus the bumpy trail will surely make you feel sitting on the saddle is not an options.

Climbing parts are not that bad, some climbs are technical and tricky but can be manage if you approach it correctly and with the correct speed. Mostly the climbs are at acceptable level, so do worry much about it. Nothing a granny gear cannot handle...kekeke.

Overall this is not an easy trail for me, never thought a short trail could bring this much of trouble. Riding on a fullsus helps but it does not mean one can go very fast on it. Try out the trail for yourself and you will know.

Good luck.

Maps on how to get there.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Banshee Pyre test out...

Sunday 10th May 2009.

Trail: Epic Hash Batang Kali
Distance: 55KM
Machine: Banshee Pyre

Fork: Epicon RLD 100mm
RD: X-9
FD: XT 09 top clamp
Crank: Race Face Ride DH
Pedal: Crankbrother Smarty
Wheelset: American Classic Mtb 26
Tyre: Panaracer FireXC pro 2.1 front and rear
Brakes: Avid Elixir CR
Headset: FSA Orbit
Stem: Truvativ 90mm
Handlebar: Bontranger X
Grips: Lizard Skin

The test...
This is my comment on riding Pyre Banshee, base on what I know and feel. I have no understanding in the engineering of a bicycle so my opinion is just base on my feelings.

The trail was 55kM, the first 20 KM was an easy trail. Most of it is flat with some small climbing. I notice that there in no pedal bob during the ride, even if i turn off the propedal function. This certainly make the trail feels like I am gliding on it. VF4B sure work well on flat terrain, responsive during a sudden sprint and sprinting away with the bike is not a problem at all. Nice!!

I try turning on both setting Propedal on and off while taking a hard corner. Using minimum braking power I can feel the bikes taking the corner without a problem. There is no flex, the swing arm is very rigid but it swallow all the bumps with an ease. Try a hard a corner with maximum braking power and swoosh the tail to make a turn. Again the bike handle it smoothly and respond very well to rider and trail condition. Good boy!!

There are lots of climbing for me to test the bike too. As you can see, my bikes is using a 100mm fork and reverse stem setting. So my bike look a bit lowered. For a long smooth climbs the bike is good and doing well.For technical climbs, since the rear arm is so rigid but active the technical part is a lot easier. Each time the rear hit a bump or obstacle the VF4B system brings the arm up and forward. What I am trying to say is, the bike actually pull it's rear arm by itself as we go on a bump. That actually have a different effect on my riding, making it much easier. Smiling Happily!!

River crossing, mean I have to carry my bike on my back. Since the frame of Pyre is much more solid and tough.Plus the VF4B system the bike is actually a bit heavy. Crossing the strong current river with the Pyre on my back...ughhhh...I am grinning here!!

Downhill is the most preferred part of cycling for everyone, Same goes to me. There is a steep downhill section in our ride today, a good place for a test. Without even stopping to check the downhill part I just bluntly go down. Again Pyre live up to its name. Handling is not a problem, easily clear the section in less than 2 minutes. Laughing like mad people!!

Overall the Banshee Pyre is a good bike, the VF4B work. Would i recommend this bike to my friend? Ooooo yes, yeah baby yeahh!! The bike was design to take all the things that can be thrown by XC to All Mountain rider...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Breath of Pyre

Friday, 8th of May 2009.

Finally got the bloody FD for my Pyre. XT top clamp for the price of RM115. I ask them to reserve the SLX but XT is also fine with me.

Now the cabling process can begin, sadly I do not have all the necessary tool so I had to resort to local bike shop. Took us around 1 hour to put the cable and set it up.

Shortly after that, the breath of Pyre is done...
Took the bike for a spin...Handle very well, can feel the solidness...The first impression is there already. Have to wait for the real test soon. Very soon.

Avid Elixir CR...Ensuring performance and breaking power.

Fox Rp23 with propedal function, smoothen the trail.

V4FB About to be tested.

V4FB hope you are as good as THEY claimed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Machine...

4th May 2009 - Monday 9.30PM.

The first time I saw the it, I can already felt the hot fury burning out my heart. Slowly melting away all the doubt, obstacle, and clearing out the path. The path to a new enlightenment and adventures. The Path of Banshee PYRE.

V4FB was the main poison and the mercury glint were the final blow.

Took the frame home and start assembling rite away. Just could not wait to see how hot this machine will look like. Took off all the part from Santacruz Superlight in less than 20 minutes. Than have to stop working as I do not have a headset press tool. Patience... I do not want to force my headset with a hammer. I can still wait.

Got my headset pressed in the next morning. FSA orbit, should do the trick. Rushed home, and begin assembling. Pyre was already standing up in 30 minutes. Encounter some problem as refered by Kelolo. The old FD just wont do it, need to change to Top Clamp FD. So damn hard to find. Make a call to a few shop. Ending with KSH who still have 1 SLX FD, ask them to reserve the bloody thing. Hope it will still be there tomorrow.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Date: 22nd of February 2009
Day : Sunday
Weather: Cloudy
Trail Condition: Wet
The cross junction near 2K.

There are lot trail in Kiara, in fact Mount Kiara are widely known among moutain biker, runner, hasher and even the horse rider. For a cyclist who live in KL, this is one of the spot that you do not want to miss. In fact some of the trail can be quite addicting to us cyclist.

2K entrance, near the shack.

2K mean or supposed to mean 2KM of trail. Twisting and whirling at the side of the hill. My advice on this trail, do not let the distance fool you. If you can ride this trail in and out under 10 minutes that should already categorize you under the good rider. If you manage to do it in less than 8.00 minutes than it is safe to call you the superultraultimatepowerrangerrider, if the word does not exist before then it does now.

Here is the small drop, but it is enough to send you flying.

This here is the hardest switch back for me to tackle.

I have been there for a few times, but I could never get enough of it. 2K is rather a good technical trail and a good skills is needed to complete it without crashing or kissing the trees. 2K is a stretch of single trail, going downhill at first and ending with much of a climbs. Within that range, lots of surprises awaits you in it. There are a drops, roots, rocks, and even fallen tree. The biggest challenge however would be the one that they call 'Triple terrace'. I have seen some and heard of many stories of the fallen. Hehehe, some rider are still not out of their last phobia of that place.

If you plan to have a quick challenging ride then 2K is one of the option you can choose. still 2K could be KNOCKOUT and KILLER trail if you underestimate it. So please enter with awareness and cares, it is always best to follow an experience rider and learn how to handle the trail at first. Bluntness is really not needed.

Anyway this is a great place to ride, needless to say every single rider should have a go at this place. I for instance would be more than glad to go there again and again. Till then...chow sin chow.

Distance: Less than 2k
Difficulty: 3/5

Monday, January 19, 2009

Trek 6000

PRICE: RM 2890 nego

Trek 6000
sizes 15.5 inch (small)
Frame: Alpha Black Aluminum
Fork: SR Suntour XCR w/preload, lockout, 100mm
Shifter: Deore 9 speed
FD: Alivio
RD: Deore
Crank: Alivio
Cassette:SRAM PG950 11-34, 9 speed
Brakeset: Shimano M486 disc; 180mm front rotor, 160mm rear rotor

Brand New and ready me or email me. Can come and view the bicycle at my house.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bike Park Putrajaya

Kali ini kalau aku cakap n cerita banyak pun it is damn fun..hahaha. So sesaper yang minat technical tue. Turun laa kesana.

Trail dia around 6-7km..1 loop. Tapi dengar kata ada banyak laluan. So maybe terpulang pada laluan anda. Anyway keadaan trail yang agak susah dan teknikal memerlukan konsentrasi yang tinggi dan kecergasan yang baik. Kalau hilang fokus, boleh mengakibatkan crashhhhh...kekeke. 

Kemahiran penting dalam trail ini, jadi untuk first loop take it slow. Study the trail and learn how to handle it. Second round baru blast all out.

Oraits pictures later will put.

Road bike??

Its been a while...bukan aku yang tidak mahu update. Tapi mood untuk aku mengarang tu langsung tidak aku simpankan dahulu...

Sekarang aku dah hampir siap...Sebuah T-Sprint R dan juga component second hand yang aku beli dari kenalan. Huh..pastinya aku tidak sabar nak mencubanya atas jalan raya. Sangat-sangat tidak sabar.

Lepas siap hal aku kat rumah, terus aku hadap roadbike aku... Hehehe. Aku pasang siap-siap, aku tinggalkan part gearing dan housing cable jer. Aku takde cable cutter, kalau tak memang malam nie jugak aku dah keluar test ride...

Proton T-Sprint...sure tidak secantik Cervello or mana-mana basikal yang berada dipasaran sekarang. Tapi yang aku tahu dan pasti, aku akan ride sepuas-puas hati aku.

Esok maybe aku letak gambor...