Thursday, February 26, 2009


Date: 22nd of February 2009
Day : Sunday
Weather: Cloudy
Trail Condition: Wet
The cross junction near 2K.

There are lot trail in Kiara, in fact Mount Kiara are widely known among moutain biker, runner, hasher and even the horse rider. For a cyclist who live in KL, this is one of the spot that you do not want to miss. In fact some of the trail can be quite addicting to us cyclist.

2K entrance, near the shack.

2K mean or supposed to mean 2KM of trail. Twisting and whirling at the side of the hill. My advice on this trail, do not let the distance fool you. If you can ride this trail in and out under 10 minutes that should already categorize you under the good rider. If you manage to do it in less than 8.00 minutes than it is safe to call you the superultraultimatepowerrangerrider, if the word does not exist before then it does now.

Here is the small drop, but it is enough to send you flying.

This here is the hardest switch back for me to tackle.

I have been there for a few times, but I could never get enough of it. 2K is rather a good technical trail and a good skills is needed to complete it without crashing or kissing the trees. 2K is a stretch of single trail, going downhill at first and ending with much of a climbs. Within that range, lots of surprises awaits you in it. There are a drops, roots, rocks, and even fallen tree. The biggest challenge however would be the one that they call 'Triple terrace'. I have seen some and heard of many stories of the fallen. Hehehe, some rider are still not out of their last phobia of that place.

If you plan to have a quick challenging ride then 2K is one of the option you can choose. still 2K could be KNOCKOUT and KILLER trail if you underestimate it. So please enter with awareness and cares, it is always best to follow an experience rider and learn how to handle the trail at first. Bluntness is really not needed.

Anyway this is a great place to ride, needless to say every single rider should have a go at this place. I for instance would be more than glad to go there again and again. Till then...chow sin chow.

Distance: Less than 2k
Difficulty: 3/5

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nicely narrated, good sense of informative circulation and great inspirational tackling spot too