Monday, July 6, 2009

Riding is simple

How to start?

Well it is a very simple things to do, a helmet, a bicycle and some decent shoes are all that you

need for cycling. If you got all that, than you my friend are set to try on cycling, either mountain biking or road ride. Very simple right? Do not worry about what kind of discipline you want to be, think about that later on when you have tried cycling first.

No one to join?

Hell that is not a problem, you can start cycling by yourself first. Start of by cycling around your neighborhood gaining more distance day by day. I am pretty sure you will stumble into another rider very soon. Either on the road or it could be at your local bicycle shop. Cycling alone is fun but cycling with a member are meaningful and joyful.

Is it safe?

Hmmm, every single sport has its own risks and danger. Cycling does not differ from it either. However we can avoid all the danger and the injury by implementing safety in our ride. Always wears helmet and shoes when riding. It help minimize risk of injury. Gloves does help as well so wearing one is a good idea. Plan your route and a avoid using heavy traffic route, always be aware of traffic and never ever use your Ipod when riding in a busy place. One more thing never made sudden change of directions. You may never know a car is coming from behind.

How much will it cost?

The cost can be minimize, just buy what you need and not the super awesome one.Unless you really know what you are getting yourself into. Basically a normal bike for exercise can cost less than RM700. That should be decent enough for exercises purpose. Remember that this kind of investment will effect your health and your lifestyle.

So there it was, why wait to start exercising. Why wait to start cycling? Times

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farissshafee2 said...

love the point there bro, straight and simply put