Wednesday, October 15, 2008


To all members of "GENGGEREK". Peace be on you..

Genggerek will be riding again this weekend details as below:-

PLACE : Batu Dam

DATE : Sunday 19th Oct 2008

RV : Front gate entrance to Batu Dam (if not sure please contact me)

Time : 0800hrs

Rolling : 0815hrs

Distance : Est. 10-15km only ( not like sg.pusu ok)

Suggested by : Nazli ( sweeper or header?striker kot)

You are all welcome to invite other riders to join the ride especially ladies(Lets see who will be the first one to bring a lady into the group) hehehe...

Make sure to put everything especially wallet,phones etc in a plastic bag because is going to be a muddy and wet ride.

Oh yes don't forget to bring along a boat.hehehe.

Amacam guys "ON KE?"

Thank you

Best Regards

Okeh no objection from me as AJK makanan... wa jalaannnn

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