Monday, September 22, 2008



After sharing a bunch of ride together and planning more insane ride in the future. It is only normal that we decide to create a name for our group.

After our nite ride last two weeks and 2 glasses of teh traik n meggi goreng..The name Genggerek pop out. Inspired by Fazrol if I am not mistaken. Seem that the names rhymes very well so we decide to have a go with it...Hehehe

Genggerek are now on the trails.

Curentlly we are desigining a jersey and a logo to go with the name. Luckily for us Fazrol is up for the task.

Later on this week, we have another night the ride was nice n sweet..Though my speedometer only clock 20km or so. 2 Casuallities, The first one is by Fauzi who decide to be an organic farmer by planting his head in the palm tree. The second one in contribute by non other but myself..Hehehe, I was taking the corner a bit to fast...My front tire gives up on me causing me to slides on the trail...Huhuhu.

Enough talks about our ride... The Logo have been design, we all decide that it will be a the one with a rider on a bike. The jersey design however are on the way.

Genggerek rider list:
1.Mr.Beskal (AJK MAKANAN)
3.Redza (SWEEPER rasmi)
4.Fauzi (Belum ada jawatan)
5.Fazrol (Designer)

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Till the next update...


Khairusy Shakirin Samsi (ShaqueAttack) said...


GLC nak ajak kayuh malam jumaat..

ada berani?

KeLoLo said...

Ya...marilah kita bergerak bersama...Ke tak nak sebab GLC = Gombak Lame Cyclists?

KeLoLo said...

Sori..typo. "bergerak" kat atas tu actually "bergerek".

Mesti ada geng utara dalam group nih? Kan? GEREK dalam loghat utara tu basikallah. Kalau belah selatan pulak - Johor dan Singapora - GEREK tu lebih kurang macam sempoooiiiii atau cool. Dipasangkan pulak dengan penegas ayat seeyyyyyy. Jadi bila sebut GERRRREK SEEYYYYYYY makna ada sesuatu yang cool sedang berlaku.

Memang sesuai la gerek diabadikan sebagai nama geng. Gerrreeekkk seeyyyyyy.