Monday, June 30, 2008

Pleasure and pain...

How was the ride ehh??
It was amazing..

After planning it for a week, discussing about it over here and racuning our fellow rider. The day for the ride finally arrive.

The gathering point was change to UIA main entrance, due to logistic cause. 14 riders show up that morning.

Addict list:
3.Dino (our waypoint guy,thanks bro...without u we are lost)
7.Zaidi (mr.timbang)
10.Meng (the sexiest rider for the day)
12.Faris(I hope i got it right)
13.Hj.Mat Nor (veteran)
14.Uhh..forgot!! what was that NRS rider name...(someone please tell me)

We started rolling at 8.30PM, all 14 riders with a wide happy smiled on everyones faces. They are probably clueless about what kind of hell they a getting into. or it could be that everyone was still fresh.
We had a few decent long climbs, then we were rewarded with superb downhill...I that was the most enjoyable moments of the ride. . Sweet!!

We reach kem ketanga the first river and had our small break there. Starting from there, the level change..From child play to suicidal maniac. Dino warned me earlier that it would get tougher after ketanga.(I kept it in the dark, away from the other riders)

After Ketanga,we reached Kem Ulu Sleh..We reach there at 12.30PM...No major issues occurred yet. Everyone was only paying attention to the leeches, trying to get rid of those ugly suckers. While Dino n Gaz were buzy discussing the next way point.(Good job guys).

From Ulu Sleh, we need to reach Old Dam...So this is where the real pain of the day begin. . There is no route or trail that we can follow, so we had no choice but to make one. But it is not working out great for us, I mean we are not 10 tons bulldozer beating the craps out of the bushes n trees. But that is not all, when reaches the river, we need to find the Old Dam. Same problem as before, no noticeable route. We had to Zig Zag our route to the way points.Crossing the river.Damn I do not know how many river crossing we had done that day. Led by Gaz and me, I am pretty sure the guys at the back were hating us that time.Sorry fellas, but no route.What to do??

We reach the old Dam with a tremendous relief in our hearts..According to Dino there should be a trail from there. After taking a quick break and off we go. However the journey had to come to a stop again. Zaidi's bike was punctured, so we had to do a quick fixing to that but just when we thought we were done. Gaz's bike had the same fate...(Zaidi said to Gaz..padan muka ko) .

After the minor issue were fixed, and we are off. K.Sleh are no longer far away, we are hoping to have a short break there. Shaque already plans to practice his swimmings skill. Unfortunately for Shaque...kem Sleh was crowded that day. A groups of campers were already there.

Next way point Junction...We had to pedal with all our might, I am depleting already. Reach the big tree junction and the rain starts pouring. Making the trail harder to ride.

We are out from the trail at 5.30pm..
Casualties..1..Hj.Mat Nor lost it all n cannot ride anymore.
Lost..Cateye meter. belong to shaque.
Lost..Syed...front quick release bolt.

A very big thanks for all the rider that joined us yesterday..especially Dino for leading us, Shaque for 'tuba' more rider and others for making the ride fun n joyous. It was a great ride guys. Thank u all.

The ride was great and torturous at the same time.I can still feels the fatigue the next day i woke up. Went to see Gaz n Zaidi last nite, and those crazy dudes are already talking about doing Sg.congkak - Kemensah ...Maybe the long strained ride has taken a big tolls on their mind and affecting their decision. But what the hell...Who want in?

Call me out..hehehe

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